GM808 Digital Fluxmeter

GM808 Digital Fluxmeter
Easy for Drift Adjust.

gm808 fluxmeter,fluxmeter


GM808  Intelligentize Fluxmeter controlled by SCM, used to test the magnetic  flux. It can display the magnetic remanence B,the magnetization strength  M with the custom#made coils or the Helmholtz coils.. It is the very magnetometer for magnet test.


  • Range:0~ 1 mWb、0~ 10 mWb、0~100 mWb、0~1000 mWb

  • Fundamental Error:± 1%

  • Object Data:     Ф(Flux): mwb

  •                            B(Remanence): mT、Gs(with special single coils)

  •                            M(Magnetization Strength):KA/m、mT、Gs(with the Helmholtz coils)

  • Function:RMS and Peak#Value display Reading in the same time;Selectable Light,Drift easy to

  • Adjustfollowing the screen display.

  • Resolution: 0.1 <Wb、1 <Wb、10 <Wb、100 <Wb 

  • Drift:  0.1 <Wb / 30S

  • Input Impedance:1 k>、10 k>、100 k>、1000 k> 

  • Display :Character#Point LCD,5 Digitals 

  • Temp: 5℃#40℃     

  • Warm#up Time:  > 1 minute.

  • Relative Humidity: 20%#80%)

  • Power Supply: 220VAC  50Hz       

  • Dimension: 300mm× 470mm×150mm(L*W*H)

  • Weight: 2.6 kg