• TM Hall Effect Measurement System
  • TM Hall Effect Measurement System
TM Hall Effect Measurement System TM Hall Effect Measurement System

TM Hall Effect Measurement System

The TM Hall Effect Measurement System can be  Used to measure important parameters such as carrier concentration, mobility, resistivity,  Hall coefficient and other important parameters. These parameters are necessary to understand the electrical properties of semiconductor materials, so the Hall effect test system is a necessary tool for understanding and studying the electrical properties of semiconductor devices and semiconductor materials.


The instrument system consists of an electromagnet, electromagnet power supply, high precision constant current source, high precision voltmeter, Hall effect sample holder, standard sample and system software.



Physical parameters

Carrier concentration

10³cm⁻³ - 10²³cm⁻³
Mobility0 .1 cm²/ volt*sec - 10⁸cm²/ volt*sec

Resistivity range

10⁻⁷ Ohm*cm - 10¹² Ohm*cm
Hall voltage1 uV - 3V

Hall coefficient

10⁻⁵ - 10²⁷cm³/ C
Testable material typeSemiconductor materialSiGe, SiC, InAs, InGaAs, InP,AlGaAs, HgCdTe and ferrite materials etc.
low resistance materialGraphene, metals, transparent oxides, weakly magnetic semiconductor materials, TMR materials, etc.
high resistance materialSemi-insulating GaAs, GaN, CdTe, etc.
Material Conductive ParticlesType P and Type N testing of materials
Magnetic field environmentMagnet TypeVariable electromagnet
Magnitude of magnetic field

1900mT (The pole pitch is 10mm)
1300mT (The pole pitch is 20mm)
900mT (The pole pitch is 30mm)
800mT (The pole pitch is 40mm)

600mT (The pole pitch is 50mm)

Uniform area: 1%Minimum resolution: 0.1Gs
Optional magnetic environmentThe electromagnet of relevant magnetic size can be customized according to the needs of customers
Electrical parametersCurrent  source50.00nA- 50.00mA
Current source resolution0.0001uA
Measuring voltage0 ~ ±3V
Voltage measurement resolution0.0001 mV
Other AccessoriesShadingExtern ally installed light-shielding parts make the test material more stable
Sample size

normal 10mm * 10mm

Maximum 16mm * 16mm

Box cabinet600*600*1000mm
Test pieceHall effect of Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of  Sciences Standard  test samples and data: 1 set
(Si, Ge, GaAs, lnSb)
Making ohmic contactsElectric soldering iron, indium chip, solder, enameled wire, etc.
One-button automatic measurement can be performed without the need for human operation after the test is started
The software can perform I-V curve and BV curve
Set in software for  automatic temperature measurement
The experimental results are measured, and the data will be temporarily saved in the software. If long-term storage is required, the data can be exported to an EXCEL table to facilitate later data processing.
Provide the Hall effect standard test samples and data of the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences: 1 set

High And Low Temperature Accessories


System modelTest temperature zoneSystem Test Index
HLS High and Low Temperature Hall Effect Test System80K~500K (high and low temperature, temperature adjustment 0.1K)Minimum resolution: 0.1GS
Sample current: 0.05uA~50mA (adjust 0.1nA)
Magnetic field: 2T at 10mm spacing; 1T at 30mm spacing
Resistivity range: 10-5~107 Ohm*cm Carrier concentration: 103~1023cm-3
Mobility: 0.1~108cm2/volt*sec
Resistance range: 10m Ohms~6MOhms
H-A High-Temperature Hall Effect Test System300K~500K (high temperature, temperature adjustment 0.1K)
L-A Low-Temperature Hall Effect Test System80K~300K (low temperature, temperature adjustment 0.1K)
L-SA Low-Temperature Hall Effect Test System4K~300K (low temperature, temperature adjustment 0.1K)
HL-SA High and Low Temperature Hall Effect Test System80K~800K (high and low temperature, temperature adjustment 0.1K)
H-B High-Temperature Hall Effect Test System300 K~800K (high temperature, temperature adjustment 0.1K)



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