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  • GM900 Series  Analyzer
  • GM900 Series  Analyzer
  • GM900 Series  Analyzer
  • GM900 Series  Analyzer
  • GM900 Series  Analyzer
  • GM900 Series  Analyzer
GM900 Series  Analyzer GM900 Series  Analyzer GM900 Series  Analyzer GM900 Series  Analyzer GM900 Series  Analyzer GM900 Series  Analyzer

GM900 Series Analyzer

GM900 Multipolar Magnetic Field Distribution Analyzer


GM900 Series Multipolar Magnetic Field Distribution Analyzer is developed and designed by  Shanghai TinDun Industry  Co., Ltd, combining with the the actual  needs of magnet ring manufacturers and motor companies, after years of  unremitting efforts. It is high-tech product, specially used for the  measurement and analysis of multipolar magnet ring surface magnetic  field distribution. For magnet ring manufacturers and related motor  enterprises, it is an indispensable tool for designing magnet ring and  quality inspection.


1. High degree of automation, high stability and repeatability, curves and data could be preserved and called arbitrarily.
2. With the powerful analysis functions of suitable for the design work,  friendly user interface, a key operation on a test bench for test and  maintaining data.
3. The data and the curve is multi information output, contrast analysis between multi rings and standard magnet ring.
4. It has fast measurement speed and can be adjusted according to the  requirement, the fastest speed is 10 seconds / time. It can be carried  out fast on-line quality inspection and has the ultra difference alarm  function.

System configuration:

 computer, printer, Teslameter, measuring software and stepper motor rotating platform

1. the system hardware:

1) the host: including a host system stepper motor drive and a Gaussmeter with four ranges.
2) base station and a probe bracket: provide the test probe, could be  adjusted at X axis direction, Y axis direction and Z axis direction,  adjust resolution: 0.1mm.
3) the rotation and the control part: containing a motor and a motor control part, smooth rotation, no noise.
4) clamping part: clampe magnet ring or a magnet ring with shaft fast and  stability, in order to ensure the accuracy of test result.
5) the  test probe: using high-precision Hall sensor sealed probe, ensures the  reliability and authenticity of the forward signal.
6) Gaussmeter: reasonably adopted four ranges Gaussmeter with SCM design, connected to the host through RS232 interface.

2. the system software:

1) Support computer to do data analysis, processing, storage, to complete the functions and technology index.
2) Maximum extreme value, minimum extreme value, average extreme valu,  maximum angle, minimum angle, average angle, pole width, poles, pole  area and error analysis, ect.
3) With function of XY coordinate, P  poler coordinate, harmonic analysis, XYZ three-dimensional magentic  field diagrams and magnetic field contour line, ect.

Technical index:

1. the magnetic field testing range: 0.01-20000Gs  four ranges, magnetic field measurement accuracy: 1%,   repeatability:0.3%
2. platform concentricity: better than 0.06mm, platform vibration: less than 0.03mm
3. magnet ring testing surface: outer surface, inner surface and end face, measring small diameter and high density multipolar magnet ring could  choose ultra-thin probe
4. magnet ring test range: outer diameter 3mm ~ 60mm,  inner diameter 10mm ~ 80mm, 
end face > 2mm, height 5 mm ~ 80mm
5. the probe sensitive area: 0.5mm x 0.5mm ( ultra-thin probe 0.25mm x 0.25mm ), 
working temperature: - 55℃ ~ 125℃ 
6. the longitudinal and transverse measurement, test report can be printed and stored 
Note: when directly measuring magent ring, users should equip with  nonmagnetic mould to avoid that chuck influences magenic poles.

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